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Integrating Creativity and Cutting-Edge Technologies

Our team specializes in the development of useful tools for a successful business. Our cost effective products developed by us are available on your request.

Accounts Management System

Innovatusoft Accounts Management System (AMS) is a complete business accounting system solution relevant to all organizations. With its user-friendly and customizable interface enables users to manage accounts and finances of an organization efficiently and accurately. Whether its daily business transactions or ceating ledger reports, our system provides full transparency and accountability. This automatically develops cashbooks etc. 

It provides an unlimited user accessibility and connectivity through LAN and internet. It facilitates the users in terms of management of the complete accounting system, supports them in their daily transactions and helps them in generating different kinds of reports. It also facilitates the users for the extraction of different vouchers and views their notifications.

Transmission Management System

Innovatusoft TMS puts the true power of collaborative computing at the heart of your broadcasting business. This unique solution has features that will streamline the working of advert insertion order management, traffic and credit control departments. 

TMS has powerful reports that provide timely MIS enabling the management to take informed decisions. Maintain the details of customers and business contracts in a single interface. Booking and scheduling of advertisements is based on tariff card or rate agreements. It efficiently creates program charts using wizards and algorithms. The system integrates with all leading playout systems. It has powerful accounts receivable and credit control system that provides customer ledgers and ageing analysis. TMS can be configured to shoot out automatic reminders. The top management has access to dashboards that provide drill down MIS graphs and reports.